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U.S. Virgin Islands

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26 Mar → 25 Apr

Law Clerk

Job Description

This is professional legal work performed for a judge of the Superior Court of the U.S. Virgin
Islands. Work involves the performance of professional legal research and other related
administrative work in the preparation of memoranda, opinions, or orders for a judge concerning the cases before him/her. Work is performed under general supervision of a judge and is reviewed through conferences and submitted work.

Job Responsibilities

  • Reviews, studies, searches, and annotates laws, court decisions, documents, opinions, briefs, and related legal authorities; researches the law for oral motions made during trials
  • Prepares briefs, legal memoranda, statement of issues involved, opinions and judgment for review by the judge, including appropriate suggestions or recommendations to the judge; prepares jury instructions
  • Compiles references on laws and decisions necessary for legal determinations
  • Confers with judge concerning legal questions, construction of documents and granting of orders
  • Attends court sessions to hear oral arguments and record necessary case information; maintain notes attendant to court proceedings
  • May mediate small claims cases as assigned by a judge
  • Other duties as assigned or required

Requirements / Qualifications

  • Graduation from an accredited law school in the United States

  • Knowledge of general U.S. law, territorial code, established precedent, and sources of legal reference

  • Knowledge of U.S. court practices and procedures

  • Knowledge of U.S. legal terminology and concepts

  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing, with a diverse group of people

How To Apply

Apply directly through the LegalJobs website

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