United States District Court for the District of Arizona


Mid Level

Phoenix, AZ, USA

$85.607 - $98.448

23 Sep → 23 Oct

Job Description

Introduction and Representative Duties

This recruitment is posted open until filled.
Preference will be given to applications received by September 15, 2021.

This full-time, permanent Court Reporter position is located in the Clerk's Office of the U.S. District Court, Phoenix Division. The incumbent of this position is responsible for the recording and transcription of verbatim testimony of court sessions and/or other proceedings.

Salary eligibility may be determined based upon certifications, as shown below.

Level 1: starting salary, meets minimum qualifications
Level 2: starting salary plus 5%, requires merit certification
Level 3: starting salary plus 10%, requires real-time certification
Level 4: starting salary plus 15%, requires merit and real-time certification

Merit Certification means you have a registered merit reporter certificate from the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).

Realtime Certification means you have successfully completed a certified realtime examination by NCRA or an equivalent examination.

Occupational Information

Applicants must have at least four years of prime court reporting experience in the freelance field of service or in other courts, or a combination of the two. The successful applicant must also have qualified by testing for listing on the registry of professional reporters of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).

Preference given to applicants who possess a Realtime Certification from NCRA or USCRA; possess a Certificate of Merit from the National Shorthand Reporters Association; and/or possess software and hardware used to produce real-time transcripts in the courtroom.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit the following:
Cover letter that supports your work experience as it relates to the position.
Resume that includes complete work and salary history, and education.
Your most recent performance evaluation OR a recent letter of recommendation if no evaluation is available.
Copies of Certificates of Proficiency, Merit and/or Realtime.
Go to our web site: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/azduscourts to submit an online application, including the items listed above.
Attachments should be submitted only as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents. Other formats are not acceptable.

Applications will be considered complete when the online application and all required attachments (in proper format) are received by the Human Resources Division. Applications and/or attachments received after the closing date may not be considered.

Applicant Information

The Court reserves the right to modify the conditions of this job announcement, or to withdraw the announcement, any of which may occur without prior written or other notice. In the event that a position becomes vacant in a similar classification, within a reasonable time of the original announcement, the court may elect to select a candidate from the applicants who responded to the original announcement without posting the position.

Only qualified applicants will be considered for this position. Employees of the U.S. District Court serve under "Excepted Appointments" and are considered "at will" employees (except for probation officers who may be removed for cause). Federal Civil Service classifications or regulations do not apply; however, court employees are entitled to substantially the same benefits as other Federal Government employees.

The initial appointment to this position is provisional pending the successful completion of the required background checks and/or investigations. The U.S. District Court is a drug-free workplace and the applicant selected will be required to participate in a drug-screening test prior to employment.

All information provided by applicants is subject to verification and background investigation. Applicants are advised that false statements or omission of information on any application materials or the inability to meet the following conditions may be grounds for non-selection, withdrawal of an offer of employment or dismissal after being employed.

Participation in the interview process will be at the applicants own expense and relocation expenses will not be provided.

The position is subject to the mandatory electronic fund transfer (EFT) participation for payment of net pay (i.e. Direct Deposit).

Non-citizens may be interviewed and considered for employment, but employment offers will only be made to individuals who qualify under one of the exceptions in

8 U.S.C. §1324b (a) (3) (B). In most cases, this means that an offer of employment cannot be made unless the candidate is a lawful permanent resident who is seeking U.S. citizenship as explained below. Under 8 U.S.C. §1324b (a) (3)(B), a lawful permanent resident seeking citizenship may not apply for citizenship until he or she has been a permanent resident for at least five years (three years if seeking naturalization as a spouse of a citizen), at which point he or she must apply for citizenship within six months of becoming eligible, and must complete the process within two years of applying (unless there is a delay caused by the processors of the application). Non-citizens who have not been permanent residents for five years will be required to execute an affidavit that they intend to apply for citizenship when they become eligible to do so.


Job Responsibilities

  • The duties of a Court Reporter include, but are not limited to:
  • Attend and record verbatim by shorthand or mechanical means court sessions; read back portions of court record, as required.
  • Provide transcripts within the time and cost limitations set by the Judicial Conference; electronically file with Clerk of Court a copy of all transcripts prepared after delivery to the requesting parties.
  • Provide transcripts to the court upon request, without charge, of all arraignments, pleas and proceedings in connection with the imposition of sentence in criminal cases.
  • Promptly certify and file all original shorthand notes, audio files, and other original records of proceedings.
  • Perform such administrative duties as required, such as billing for transcripts, financial and other record keeping, preparation and filing of required Administrative Office reports, and responding to official correspondence and telephone calls.

How To Apply

Apply through LegalJobs.

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