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07 Jul → 06 Aug

Job Description

If hired, the candidate will be required to raise financial support to cover his/her own salary, benefits, and expenses. Raising support is a key example of the body of Christ supporting its members and joining in the fight against injustice. LJI will provide administrative and prayer support throughout the process, as well as guidance and resources to build up a support base. Please prayerfully consider whether you may be called to step out in faith and raise support for this position.

LJI's anti-human trafficking model focuses on transit monitoring. We identify, intercept, and assist trafficking victims as they are being transported—when victims and traffickers are the most visible and open to detection—and before they reach the destination where victims will be sold, hidden, and abused. Because the crime of trafficking has already commenced, we have access to actionable intelligence to apprehend suspects and understand trafficking methods. To date, we have intercepted over 22,000 individuals to prevent them from being trafficked, and we have assisted the police in the arrest of nearly 850 traffickers, with 47% of closed cases resulting in convictions.

Additionally, to ensure excellence among our field offices in Asia and Africa, Love Justice has developed 27 "core processes" to implement in each office to monitor performance and compliance. These processes involve a variety of different areas, such as budgeting and financial reporting, administration and human resources, data collection and compliance, security audit and investigations, shelter care, and legal cases.

As an NGO, we do not have the authority to arrest or convict a trafficker. Thus, our “legal work” is to support both the victim and the local justice systems throughout the process and fill gaps as we see them to better ensure justice. Our legal and investigations staff will closely counsel victims as they pursue justice and will also closely partner with police to extend their reach and resources. The goal of this work is to see more arrests made of traffickers that would ultimately conclude in more convictions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that our legal cases across all of our fields are well-documented using the Legal Cases core process
  • Improving the Legal Cases core process system for tracking legal cases
  • Researching and understanding the legal framework in the countries we work
  • Assisting and advising national staff as they seek to file more cases, partner with local police, navigate the legal systems in their country, and secure more arrests and convictions as a result of our transit monitoring work
  • Developing and implementing a data-driven, multi-pronged approach to improve our legal work around the world

Requirements / Qualifications

  • JD required; a minimum of 3-5 years’ criminal law experience preferred

  • A strong commitment to social justice and advocacy on behalf of vulnerable populations

  • Sensitivity to different cultures, with the ability to work well in cross-cultural contexts

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Critical-thinking, problem-solving, and quantitative reasoning skills

  • Strong work ethic, self-motivation, and willingness to adapt to changing and challenging circumstances

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