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Here at LegalJobs, we value your opinion and are eager to answer your questions.

There are no unreasonable questions, and here are just some of the reasons you should contact us:

  • You are an employer that is not quite sure how the listing system works. You’re interested in posting a job listing but you’re not sure which category you should join or you are unsure your job fits any of the listed categories. Write to us!
  • You are an aspiring legal professional that wants to know more about finding a job in the legal industry. You know exactly what you are looking for in a job, but you are unsure how to find it on your site. Write to us!
  • You have just stumbled upon our site and you’re just generally interested in how LegalJobs works. No problem, we’d love to explain the ins and outs of LegalJobs to you, so make sure you write to us!

If you’re looking to sell us something, and that includes links, webinars, and services, we’ll have to disappoint you by telling you we don’t handle such requests, so please save your messages for another site!

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