Car accidents are a common occurrence in the United States. They frequently cost significant physical, emotional, and financial harm to those involved. After getting into a car accident, one of the first things that come to mind is how much will it cost. After all, the cost of repairs as well as medical bills can add up.

Fortunately, a car accident lawyer can assist you in reducing the financial burden associated with a traffic accident. So how much do lawyers charge for car accidents? In this article, we’re going to answer just that.

How Much Do Lawyers Charge for Car Accidents in the US?

The majority of lawyers that handle car accident cases charge a contingency fee. That means they only get paid if they win your case. The amount of the fee will usually be a percentage of the settlement that you get. While that percentage varies, it normally ranges from 33% to 40%.

What Is A 33 ⅓ Fee?

A 33 ⅓ fee is a type of contingency fee. It means that the lawyer will take 33 ⅓ of the settlement as compensation for their legal services. This fee is very common in personal injury cases like car accidents. With that being said, some lawyers may charge a higher or lower percentage.

Is Hiring An Attorney For A Car Accident Worth It?

Hiring a lawyer following a car accident is a personal decision that will largely depend on your personal circumstances. However, here are some reasons having a lawyer can be beneficial:

  • They Can Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Anyone who’s already dealt with insurance companies knows that they’re not always on your side. You see, their main goal is to pay you as little as they can.

With a lawyer’s help, it’ll be possible to properly negotiate with your insurance company so that you can get the compensation that you deserve.

The legal process following car accidents can be complex and confusing, regardless of the state where you’re from. This is especially true if you lack any sort of legal background.

A lawyer can handle the entire legal process on your behalf. For example, they can represent you in court, file paperwork, and collect evidence.

  • They can Maximize Your Compensation

With the right lawyer, you’ll be able to attain the maximum amount of compensation possible for your injuries and property damages. Lawyers can calculate the full extent of your damages, including medical bills, pain & suffering, lost wages, and any future medical expenses.

  • They Provide Peace of Mind

It’s very stressful and overwhelming to deal with a car accident. Thankfully, hiring a lawyer can provide you with essential peace of mind. Just knowing that someone is looking out for your best interest and is fighting for your rights can lift a huge weight from your shoulders.


Hiring a lawyer following a car accident can be beneficial for multiple reasons. Most lawyers that handle car accident cases charge a contingency fee. This fee is typically between 33% and 40% of the court winnings. A 33 ⅓ fee is a type of contingency fee that is commonly charged during personal injury cases.

You must remember that the decision to hire a lawyer is one that’s personal. If you’re unsure of whether you want to hire a lawyer, then we recommend consulting one. With the right legal representation, you can get the compensation you deserve and move forward with life.