About Us

LegalJobs is a recruitment platform that aims to connect aspiring legal professionals with top rated law firms on a global scale, giving everyone a chance to pursue their dream careers and find their ideal candidates!

What you might not know is that the team behind LegalJobs is not a team of legal professionals.

In fact, we are an IT team, vastly experienced in creating niche websites and recruitment platforms. For years, we were focused on creating opportunities for IT professionals, since it was the trendy topic everyone was clinging to.

However, we were always near the legal industry. Whether it was our friends, who were aspiring lawyers looking for a job, or a website we were creating, we soon realized there was a gap in the market.

The problem was that there were no legal recruitment websites that were both functional and user-friendly. Most of them had a great database of law firms and jobs, but needless to say, the designs are a little outdated. To say the least.

And so, we embarked on a journey of creating LegalJobs - a platform that would connect employers and employees in a modern, organized, and easy-to-use way.

Our Mission

We realized the true needs of the market - community. Our number one goal is to create a healthy community where aspiring attorneys and legal professionals can find a job that they have always dreamed of, but also where established law firms come to find top tier talent. We want law firms to think of LegalJobs as a platform where they can present their benefits and cultures, and attract global talent they were previously unable to find anywhere else.

Today, our own aspiration is to become the leading recruitment platform for all legal firms and professionals alike, as well as to become the go-to community for all things legal. Join us in making this aspiration a reality and check out the firms and talent of LegalJobs!